The announcement of the second vaccine that proves its effectiveness against the "Corona" virus

Today, Monday, an American company announced the discovery of a vaccine that prevents infection with the "Corona" virus, which represents a second victory in the battle against the epidemic that has killed more than a million people, days after a similar announcement by the "Pfizer" company.

The American company "Moderna" said, on Monday, in a statement, that the preliminary results of its vaccine against Corona "have proven effective by 94.5 percent," according to the American "Associated Press".

This announcement comes after a similar disclosure last week from the American company "Pfizer" and the German "Biontech" about a new vaccine, which clinical trials have proven effective in preventing infection with the virus.

Stephen Hugh, president of Moderna, said that what was reached is a "very important achievement", pointing out that getting similar results from two different companies is "the most reassuring thing."

He added: "This achievement should give us all hope that the vaccine will be able to stop this epidemic; and we hope that it will bring us back to our lives."

He also indicated that "Moderna" will not be the only one that solves the problem, stressing the need to have many vaccines "to meet global demand."

US President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden were quick to comment on Moderna's announcement about the effectiveness of our suppliers' vaccine by 94.5 percent against the Corona virus.

And Trump said in a tweet on Twitter that "Another vaccine was announced, this time from our country, with 95 percent efficiency. And for great historians. Please remember that these great discoveries, which will end the Chinese plague. They all happened under my supervision."

For his part, Biden said that the news of a second effective vaccine against Corona gives an additional reason to feel hopeful, calling on Americans to continue to adhere to public health instructions, from social distancing, wearing masks and other things, in order to control the virus.

Biden added in a press statement that he "congratulates the smart women and men who have achieved this breakthrough, and have brought us one step closer to overcome this virus," indicating his gratitude to the frontline workers in the face of the virus.

Biden said, "We are still months away." And until then, we must continue to distance and wear masks until the virus is under control.

And last Monday, the American "Pfizer" company and the German "Biontech" announced that they had reached an anti-Coronavirus vaccine that it was "90 percent effective."

And the year until this evening, about 54 million and 976 thousand cases of "Corona" and more than one million and 326 thousand deaths were recorded, while more than 38 million and 243 thousand people recovered from the virus. 


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