New York Governor: Trump claim about state readiness to vaccinate against COVID-19 is ´incorrect´

 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo denied on Friday the claim of US President Donald Trump about New York State’s preparations for vaccination against Covid-19, saying that it is “untrue”.

"What the president just says is not true ... We trust the pharmaceutical companies," Cuomo told the CNN operating room.

He said that a number of states, including New York, "have formed a separate scientific committee that will review the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration to give people confidence in the approval process (of the vaccine)," adding that half of the American people said, "They do not trust the approval process."

Earlier in the day, Trump said that the Covid-19 vaccine would not be delivered to "New York until we have permission to do so."

Trump stated, during a press conference from the White House Flower Garden, that Cuomo "does not trust where the vaccine comes from ... These come from the greatest companies anywhere in the world, the greatest laboratories in the world, but he does not trust the fact that it is this White House." This administration. "

Trump added that Cuomo "will have to inform us when he is ready for it, because otherwise, we cannot hand him over to a state that will not be able to give it to its people immediately."

Also on Friday, the governor told MSNBC's Live With Katie Tor program, "It doesn't mean that people don't trust vaccine companies and drug companies. ... An overwhelming percentage of Americans are concerned about it." Political interference in the vaccination process and the approval process by the president. "

"On the day they distribute the vaccine, we will be ready to start distributing. Our review of the FDA protocol will be synchronized with their delivery," he added.

In recent weeks, Cuomo has repeatedly criticized the federal government's COVID-19 vaccination program, saying it relies too much on private entities and ignores minorities and disadvantaged groups.

The United States had recorded over 10,707,000 cases with more than 244,100 related deaths as of Friday evening, according to a real-time tally maintained by Johns Hopkins University.


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