Rubber bullets and suffocation injuries in the Kafr Qaddum clashes

Three young men were shot with rubber-coated metal bullets, and dozens of people suffocated, today, Friday, during the suppression of the Israeli occupation forces, the weekly anti-settlement march of Kafr Qaddum, and the demand to open the main entrance to the village, which has been closed for 17 years.

The coordinator of the Popular Resistance in Kafr Qaddum, Murad Shteiwi, stated that dozens of soldiers attacked the march and fired "rubber" bullets, tear gas canisters, and sound, which resulted in the wounding of three youths with "rubber" bullets and dozens of suffocation, who were treated on the field.

Shteiwi said that the occupation soldiers stormed a number of Palestinian homes, smashed their windows, mounted their roofs, and used them as military barracks for their snipers.

He pointed out that today's march came to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the martyrdom of President Yasser Arafat, and to denounce the medical negligence policy pursued by the occupation authorities against the prisoners.


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