The Ministry of Interior of Gaza announces new strict measures to confront the spread of the Corona epidemic

The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip announced, on Thursday evening, new strict measures in light of the high number of infections and deaths from the Coronavirus.

The Ministry decided to close all facilities, facilities and shops, starting at 5 pm daily, as of next Sunday, until further notice. It also decided to prevent gatherings of more than 15 people, including funeral homes and weddings.

The Ministry of Interior reiterated its affirmation of preventing gathering and overcrowding in the markets, noting that the implementation of the evening curfew decision will start at eight in the evening.

The Interior Ministry said: "The police will intensify the follow-up of wearing masks by all citizens, and legal measures will be taken against violators, including the general public, citizens and service providers in all sectors."

The Ministry of Interior indicated that the police will follow up on the implementation of all the aforementioned measures, and take legal action against the violators.

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