Jenin: The occupation arrests a young man, and settlers storm a site near Silat al-Dhahr

 Today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man from Jenin camp at a military checkpoint, and hindered the movement of citizens at the “Dotan” checkpoint near the town of Yabed, west of Jenin, while a group of settlers stormed a site south of Jenin.

Local sources reported to the official news agency that the occupation forces arrested the liberated prisoner, Alaa Al-Baitawi, at a pilot checkpoint in the governorate.

In a related context, a group of settlers stormed a site near Silat al-Dhuhr under the guard and protection of the occupation army, while the occupation soldiers stationed at "Dotan" checkpoint obstructed the movement of citizens after arresting and searching their vehicles and checking the identities of their passengers.


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