The occupation arrests 13 citizens, including two brothers

The official news agency reported, today, Monday, that the Israeli occupation forces have arrested 13 citizens.

According to the official agency, the forces arrested the secretary of "Fatah" in Beit Ta'amir, east of Bethlehem, Murad Muhammad Jadal Abu Muhaimid (38 years), and citizen Muhammad Hashem Abu Muhaimid (42 years), and they seized the Al-Akher's private vehicle, and the three brothers, Salah (29 years), Fuad (28 years), and Mu'taz (25 years) Jumah Abu Muhaimid, after they raided their relatives' house in the village, in addition to the citizen Muhammad Salah Al-Masaid from Aida camp.

The director of the prisoner club in Tubas, Kamal Bani Odeh, stated that the occupation forces arrested the liberated prisoner, Bashir Iyad Abdel-Razek, and the young Mustafa Shahroury, both from Tubas, while they were passing through the Hamra military checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley.

In Tulkarm, the occupation forces arrested Imad Fahmi Ammar (38 years), from the town of Qafin, north of Tulkarm, and seized his personal phone and an amount of money.

In Hebron, the forces arrested four citizens, including two brothers, they are: Musab (28 years) and Salah Nidal al-Zughair (29 years), after they raided their parents' house in the Mafraq al-Madrasa neighborhood in Hebron. They also arrested the two young men Muayyad Walid Amr (28 years) and Muhammad Youssef Shaheen (27 years old) from Dora.

In the same context, the occupation forces set up their military checkpoints at the entrances to the towns of Sa'ir and Halhul, and at the entrances to the northern city of Hebron, Jorah, Hals, and the southern, the examination, and stopped vehicles, searched them and checked the citizens' cards.


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