Demonstrations against Netanyahu continue to coincide with the commemoration of Rabin´s assassination

continues for the twentieth week in a row, the weekly demonstrations against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, every Saturday, to demand his resignation against the background of the criminal charges against him, as well as to protest his policy of confronting the Corona virus and the subsequent crises Economical and others.

Thousands participated in the rallies that took place in several junctions and central areas in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other areas, coinciding with a festival marking the 25th anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, in which he raised similar slogans calling for Netanyahu's resignation.

Thousands gathered in the streets and the square near Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem, where slogans were raised calling on Netanyahu to leave, accusing him of inciting against them, and demanding an investigation in this regard, in addition to calling on his government to resign for its failure to confront the consequences of the Corona crisis.

The Israeli police deployed in the vicinity of the marches that are taking place to prevent any unusual events, as happened in the past weeks, from attacking the demonstrators. According to the Yedioth Ahronoth website.

During a speech at the Rabin Festival, opposition leader Yair Lapid called for internal unity and the defense of Israel against those who try to destroy it from within and without, referring to Netanyahu and external parties.

"We must unite, secular, religious, Orthodox, Jews, Arabs, right-wingers, leftists and the center-right," Lapid said, calling for unity in the face of the epidemic and attempts to dismantle the economy.

"The unity of the people requires a democracy with strong institutions, independent and strong courts, and a clean government that informs its citizens the truth. Unity requires real leadership," he added.

According to the Walla Al-Abri website, the organizers of the Rabin memorial party refused to give an Arab member of the Joint List in the Knesset from giving a speech.


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