Gaza: saving the life of a child whose heart stopped for 15 minutes

The teams of Al-Durra Children's Hospital, east of Gaza, managed to save the life of a child whose heart stopped for 15 minutes, due to his fall on a surface moistened with water and conductive electricity, by doing a 25-minute heart resuscitation.

The head of the intensive care department at Al-Durra Hospital, Dr. Ziyad Al-Masry, said that the 4-year-old child (M.A.) arrived at the hospital in a relatively stable position after cardiac and respiratory resuscitation, and was immediately connected to devices for monitoring, artificial respiration, intravenous solution, and treatments to prevent hydrocephalus and its damage. Because of his critical situation and the potential for brain damage.

He indicated that parents were dealt with and calmed down, and after careful medical and nursing follow-up, with a clear plan supported by scientific foundations and accumulated experience, and as is the case after 72 hours, the patient was weaned from the respiratory system and the treatments were reduced, and after that the child began to open his eyes and move his limbs and the results indicate recovery. According to a statement by the hospital.


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