Seven citizens were arrested and the homes of freedmen raided

The Israeli occupation forces arrested seven citizens at dawn on Tuesday in raids and raids on several areas.
According to local sources, "the forces arrested the freed prisoner Ali Abu Bakr at the Dotan checkpoint west of Jenin.
In Ramallah, forces arrested the two young men, Amal Nakhla and Amir Abu Odeh, after searching their car at birzeit junction north of Ramallah, while Amir was later released and kept arresting the young Amal Nakhla, and in the town of Kober, northwest of Ramallah, Nidal Khaled Barghouti and Al-Cheb Momen Barghouti were arrested after being taken from his home to the center of the town.
In Tulkarem, forces arrested mohammed Shebarul in the Ain Shams camp in the east of the city.
In Hebron, the two young men, Qusay Ahmed Abu Hashim and Majid Abdul Shaaban al-Hindi from the town of Beit Amer in the north, were arrested by forces.
In the same vein, israeli army forces stormed the town of Tel, south of Nablus, raiding a number of al-Editors' homes and wreaking havoc.

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