The occupation approves a plan to Judaize Wadi al-Jouz, which includes demolishing more than 200 facilities

The Israeli occupation authorities approved a plan to Judaize the Wadi Al-Joz area in occupied Jerusalem through the "Silicon Valley" project, which will cause the demolition of more than 200 industrial and commercial facilities for the Palestinians.

According to the "Arabs 48" website, according to the plan, 2000 dunums of private ownership of the Palestinians will be seized, and more than 200 industrial facilities for Palestinians will be demolished in the area, to build about 900 settlement hotel rooms.

The occupation will pave new roads, a light rail line, and open a settlement park near the Kidron Valley at the expense of the Jerusalemite lands.

About two weeks ago, the occupation municipality announced the launch of a new Judaization plan in East Jerusalem, which includes a huge project to establish a "Silicon Valley", which is a plan, according to which the areas of the financial and business sector, commercial stores and hotel rooms will be expanded to a large size in East Jerusalem at the expense of the region. Industrial area that will be completely destroyed.

The project leads to the encirclement of the Old City, the isolation of Palestinian neighborhoods, the control of 2,000 dunums in a sensitive area, and the removal of 200 shops and garages in Wadi Al-Joz, some of which have already received warnings of removal.

The implementation of the plan extends to the year 2023, at a cost of 2.1 billion shekels, and includes the "Silicon Valley" expansion of business space, shops and hotel rooms east of the city.


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