Gaza Health Ministry: The high number of Corona infections may prompt us to take measures that we seek to avoid

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip confirmed this evening, Thursday, that the significant increase in the number of injuries in some areas "may push us to take measures that we seek to avoid, such as imposing a comprehensive closure."

The ministry said in a press statement, "A group of citizens dealt with the mitigation measures wrongly and considered that matters were moving towards stability and containing the epidemic situation, and this is not true."

And she continued, "Everyone must understand that the studied mitigation came in response to the needs of society in parallel with controlling the epidemiological situation, and that the citizens' commitment is the focal point for the continuation of the wheel of life and the success of efforts to discourage the spread."

The ministry indicated that the sharpening of the epidemic's spread curve in recent days indicates an unsuspecting stage, "We still warn of its repercussions."

She noted that the areas of Jabalia, Nuseirat, and Al-Amal neighborhood in Khan Yunis and east of Rafah are witnessing a remarkable increase in the number of injuries, calling on everyone to fully adhere to preventive measures.

The Ministry of Health said, "We still confirm that the most effective and effective measure in the context of breaking the severity of the spread is not the closure, but the commitment of citizens to safety measures."

She indicated that closing the areas is a late solution, and it is a painful process in which the needs of the people and the educational process are disrupted.

Meanwhile, the Ministry said, "The current stage is not reassuring and requires the highest levels of responsibility and everyone joins together in order to get out of it with the least losses," calling on the youth to launch initiatives to enhance citizens' awareness and adhere to health controls.

The Ministry also called on the factions, destinations, mayors, community institutions and parents to take their role in promoting societal behavior and citizens' commitment to safety and prevention measures.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health announced that returnees to the Gaza Strip are required to bring a laboratory examination statement for the Coronavirus (PCR) 48 hours before their return, and they will be allowed to return to their homes directly, with the need to adhere to preventive measures.

In addition, the Ministry confirmed that the returnees from the Arab Republic of Egypt through the Rafah crossing, if they are not able to obtain a PCR examination upon their return, a laboratory sample will be withdrawn for them at the crossing and allowed to return to their homes and stay until the results are issued.

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