The occupation demolishes a house in Taybeh, south-west Jenin

oday morning, Monday morning, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a house in Al-Taybeh village, southwest of Jenin, claiming that it was located near the apartheid wall.

The 60-year-old citizen, Mahmoud Ali Jabareen, told the Palestinian Press that the occupation forces stormed his house, which is still under construction, and demolished it with bulldozers, under the pretext that it was located near the Apartheid Wall. The demolition of the 170-square-meter, one-story building.

While trying to prevent the soldiers from demolishing, he fainted and was taken to the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital in Jenin, knowing that he suffers from heart disease and kidney problems.

It is worth noting that the occupation prevents construction on lands of Al-Taybeh, which is located near the Separation Wall.

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