24 civilians injured by live bullets in Gaza naval march

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

A 24-year-old civilian was shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces on the northwest border of the Gaza Strip on Monday night.

According to our correspondent in the Gaza Strip, the injured were taken to Indonesian and Shifa hospitals for treatment, noting that a large number of people were also injured by the occupation forces throwing dozens of gas canisters at demonstrators.

The National High Commission for return marches and the blockade of the siege called on Palestinian citizens to participate in the 12th Naval march in a rejection of the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The Commission expressed its rejection of all partial solutions under humanitarian addresses that will not deceive the Palestinian people, who are determined to continue the journey in order to achieve its goals of freedom, independence, return and breaking the unjust blockade. As she said in a statement.

In a related context, an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft fired a missile at a resistance checkpoint in the south of the Gaza Strip.

A spokesman for the Israeli army said the shelling was a response to the "detonation of an explosive device" at the border, causing material damage.


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