The funeral of the martyr Sanouber in the village of Yatma, south of Nablus

Shia citizens in the village of Yatma, south of Nablus, today evening, Sunday, the body of the martyr Amer Abdel Rahim Sanouber (18 years old), who was killed at dawn as a result of being severely beaten by the occupation forces while he was in the town of Turmus Ayya North of Ramallah.

The body of the martyr was transported by ambulance from Al-Najah University Hospital in the city of Nablus after an autopsy was performed in the hospital, to his hometown (Yatma) village, where he was received by a large crowd of residents of the village and the surrounding areas, as well as representatives of various actors.

The mourners carried the body of the martyr, which was wrapped in the Palestinian flag over the shoulders and roamed the streets of the village, and then performed a prayer on him in the yard of a school before it was buried in the village cemetery.

During the funeral ceremonies, speeches were given in which the speakers condemned the ongoing crimes of the occupation against the right to build our Palestinian people, and had mercy on the martyr and all the martyrs who sacrificed their blood in defense of their homeland and the dignity of their people.

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