The Prisoners Authority: harsh living and detention conditions suffered by female prisoners in "Damoun" detention center

The Authority for Prisoners' Affairs and Executives said in a statement issued today, Wednesday, that 39 prisoners in "Al-Damun" detention camp suffer extremely harsh living and detention conditions.

The commission clarified in its statement that the prisoners made several demands for the administration of the detention center to improve their living conditions, among them, the removal of surveillance cameras from the fora area as it limits their movement and violates their privacy, and allows them to make phone calls with their families in light of the current interruption of visits, claiming the conditions of "Corona". And finding a solution for the al-Maabar section of “Hasharon” prison, in which the newly arrested and detained female prisoners are being held in poor and inhumane conditions, as well as repairing the damaged facilities in the section, especially al-Furah yard, and painting its floor with an appropriate material to prevent slipping.

They also demanded, according to the authority’s statement, to provide them with medical treatment and not to neglect them and leave them prey to pain, especially since there are many pathological cases, the most prominent of which is the case of the prisoner Israa Jaabis, who suffers from burns and needs several operations. Abu Taher, who complains of diabetes, as well as the captive Iman Awar, who suffers from cancerous masses in the vocal tendons, Rawan Abu Ziadeh who suffers from pain in the neck and stomach, and Nisreen Abu Kamil, who complains of hypertension, diabetes and inflammation of the toes, and all of them need urgent medical follow-up. And specialized.

The commission pointed out that these demands have already been submitted to the "Damun" administration, and that this is the tenth time in a row that the prisoners go to the administration of the detention center to demand their most basic life rights, but the administration does not offer them anything but words, false promises, procrastination and deliberate procrastination.

The authority added that if the "Damoun" administration did not respond this time to the demands, the female prisoners threaten to escalate and take protest steps.

The authority expressed its concern about the deterioration of conditions in the various Israeli prisons, in light of the continuing repressive and oppressive measures taken by the prison administration against male and female prisoners at various levels.


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