Gaza: The occupation army prepares land corridors in preparation for any military operation

 The Israeli Occupation Army has begun implementing a project to pave tens of kilometers of passages in the settlements of the Gaza Strip, through which military vehicles will be transported when carrying out any military operation.

According to what was reported by the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" newspaper, Thursday, the goal of establishing these corridors is to reduce the damage to agricultural fields in Al-Ghafaf settlements after being trampled by tanks during the 2014 "Protective Edge" aggression, as part of the lessons learned from them.

The site indicated that the nature reserves also suffered damage at the time, as the Israeli army paid 30 million shekels in compensation to farmers as a result of these moves.

The cost of the new project is one million shekels and is expected to be completed within a year, as 4 kilometers of tracks that are being prepared have been paved so far.

An Israeli military source from the Southern Command said that the aim of the project is to achieve the highest levels of military preparedness in the face of the Gaza Strip and high maneuverability, and on the other hand, to reduce damage to the agricultural and natural areas in the border area as much as possible.


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