Suffocation injuries during clashes with the occupation, west of Tulkarm

A number of citizens were suffocated today, Sunday, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces firing tear gas, during clashes that broke out near the Israeli "Gishuri" factories located on lands west of Tulkarm, according to the official agency "Wafa".

The agency reported that the occupation forces fired heavy bullets and metal-coated metal and tear gas at a group of students from Kadoori University, who marched in condemnation for the martyrdom of their colleague Samir Ahmed Abdel Jalil Hamidi from the town of Beit Lid, last Monday, at the Annab military checkpoint, east of the governorate.

A press source from Tulkarm told "Al-Quds ".com website that clashes were at the Netsaniyuz 104 military gate, west of Tulkarm, adding that a young man, his wife and their child were bruised after their vehicle went out of its lane after the occupation army suddenly intercepted it and prevented vehicles from passing through the western street.


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