Demonstrations against Netanyahu and calls to bring down his government

In the meantime, thousands of Israelis are taking part in demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for his resignation due to corruption issues, as well as his and his government’s failure to deal with the economic crisis following the spread of the Coronavirus and the imposition of a complete closure from time to time.

According to Hebrew media, the demonstrations are taking place under the title "Baby Leish" at more than one point in compliance with the laws on gatherings in light of the spread of the Corona virus, indicating that there are large crowds gathering in various points in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other "Israeli" cities and regions.

The demonstrations are taking place for the 16th week in a row to denounce Netanyahu, his government and their failed policy.

Ofer Shelah, a Knesset member from the There is a Future party, arrived at the home of Benny Gantz, where a number of demonstrators gathered near his home, calling on Gantz to stop fear and topple the government.

While the leader of his party, Yair Lapid, said in a tweet to him: The current continuous closure for the second week in a row aims to prevent demonstrations, but it will not silence or prevent us, and the public will not accept to wrest hope from him.

The demonstrations are taking place amid disagreements between Netanyahu and his ally Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White party, over the budget and the imminent end of the prime minister's swap.

Gantz’s party minister Yitzhar Shai warned that if the budget is not passed, Netanyahu will not remain in the premiership.


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