West Bank: 14 detainees at dawn Thursday

 The occupation army has arrested at least 14 citizens, in raids on several areas in Jerusalem and the West Bank, including boys.

The Al-Asir Club said that the occupation forces arrested five citizens from Al-Arroub camp and the town of Al-Dhahiriya in Hebron, all of them former prisoners, and they are: the boy Muhammad Nasser Al-Badawi (17 years), Ibrahim Yusef Jawabra, Hamza Amjad Al-Titi (21 years), and the wounded boy Mahmoud Youssef Madi ( 17 years old) and he is the brother of the martyr Omar Madi and the brother of the captive Khader Madi, while the arrest of a citizen from the town of Dhahiriya, Rasmi Shafiq Al-Qaysiya (42 years), was arrested.

It is noteworthy that the wounded, Mahmoud Madi, suffers from previous head injuries caused by bullets of the occupation forces, and this is the fourth arrest he has been subjected to since he was a child, knowing that most of his family members were arrested.

From Jerusalem, the occupation arrested: Muhammad Abu al-Hawa, Mustafa Abu al-Hawa, Khalil Abu al-Hawa, and Dawud Abu al-Hawa, all of them from the town of al-Tur, and from al-Issawiya Ali Muhammad Ubaid, and the morning the occupation arrested the guards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Arafat Najib and Khalil Tarhouni, and Tarhouni was released later.

And local sources reported to "Al-Quds" that the youth, Saleh Abdel-Raouf Nazzal (36 years), was arrested at the eastern entrance to Qalqilya on Tuesday evening, and Walid Abdel-Jalil Ahmed's aggression from Kafr Qalil, south of Nablus.

And the town of Tamoun, south of Tubas, witnessed clashes with the occupation soldiers after storming

The house of Ahmed Abu Shamma, searched and confiscated mobile devices, which led to the injury of one of the youths.


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