US judge: Cisco technology systems fined $ 1.9 billion for patent infringement

News reports said today, Tuesday, that Henry Morgan, a judge in the US District Court in Norfolk, Virginia, has issued a ruling condemning the American company Cisco Technology Systems of violating the patent rights owned by the company. Centrepital Networks "for cybersecurity solutions, and ordered it to pay $ 1.9 billion for the losses it caused.

Cisco was quoted as saying that it will appeal the ruling to the US Court of Appeals, the Federal Circuit.

Reports quoted Judge Morgan as saying that Centrepital Networks owed $ 775.8 million for the use of its inventions in the past, which he raised by 2.5 percent after he found that what Cisco had done was "deliberate and scandalous."

The ruling also included that Cisco pay 10 percent tax on sales of some of its products over the next three years, and 5 percent for three years after that.


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