Settlers cut down 12 fruitful olive trees in Kafr Ad-Dik

The Salfit governorate revealed this evening, Sunday, that two settlers from "Brokhin" settlement, established on the lands of the town of Kafr El Deek last night, cut down 12 fruitful olive trees in the Sousse area, owned by the citizen Nasr Mansour Ali Ahmed from Kafr The rooster.

According to a statement by the Salfit Governorate, the Governor of Salfit Abdullah Kamil instructed the Legal Department to communicate with the competent authorities for legal follow-up, as soon as the municipality of Kafr al-Dik inform the Salfit Governorate of this attack.

Kamil held the occupation government fully responsible for these violations and their consequences, and called on the international bodies to move seriously and quickly to put an end to the arrogance of the occupation and the attacks of settlers.

The governor of Salfit assured that the governorate and its institutions stand by the people and farmers and support them by all possible means and work to strengthen their steadfastness on their land.


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