29 deaths and 8,430 new cases of corona in Israel within 24 hours

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced, this evening, Wednesday, that the number of Coronavirus cases in Israel has risen to 243,895, and the death toll has risen to 1552 deaths, after 29 new deaths and 8,430 new infections were recorded within 24 hours. Past.

The ministry said that among the total injuries, there are 821 injured, whose condition was described as serious, including 212 injured people who were connected to artificial respirators, while 174232 injured recovered.

Thus, the number of injuries currently active in Israel is 68,110.

And the Ministry of Health announced the death of 17 people in the new Corona, and 5,443 new infections were diagnosed since midnight the night before last, that is, within 18 hours.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, estimated that the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed by the government to limit the spread of the Corona virus may take 6 months, while he said that his government may be able to obtain a vaccine within two or three months.

The data indicated that the number of examinations conducted from midnight before last until 6:30 pm today reached 41,998, noting that yesterday, 4,972 injuries were diagnosed, after 34,557 examinations were performed.


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