49 deaths and 3,744 cases of corona in Israel within 34 hours

 Today, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that the number of Corona patients in Israel has risen to 233,118, and that the death toll has risen to 1499 deaths, with 49 new deaths and 2744 injuries recorded within 34 hours from 9:30 yesterday morning until 7:00 And half this evening.

The ministry said that among the total injuries, there are 763 described their condition as serious, including 208 connected to artificial respirators, while 164,980 injured have recovered.

Thus, the number of active infections is currently 66,639.

And the Israeli Health Ministry announced earlier the death of 16 people with corona and the diagnosis of 826 new infections at midnight last night until 7:30 pm today, that is, within less than 18 hours, indicating that the number of tests conducted since midnight before last until 19:25 in the evening Today, it stands at 5,900; Note that yesterday, 3,426 injuries were diagnosed, after 25,204 tests were performed.


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