Saving 94 whales after mass stranding on the West Coast

Rescuers confirmed today, Friday, that they have saved a total of 94 long-finned flying whales, in the largest mass whale stranding in Australia on the western coast of Tasmania.

Six were rescued Friday morning, while rescuers hoped that between 12 and 20 remaining whales could be saved, stranded in the sandy cliff in Port Macquarie, although the crews are overwhelmed by the four-day effort.

"I think everyone is tired and tired," Nick Decca, director of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, told reporters. "They spent long days."

And the authorities adjusted the number of dead whales, to 350.

Initially, it was estimated that 380 of the approximately 470 whales stranded this week had died.

A flock of about 270 whales swept away on Monday at three locations in Port Macquarie.

Another 200 whales were found dead about 7 to 10 km south of the original site on Wednesday morning.


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