Canada provides emergency financial assistance to UNRWA

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The Canadian government announced Friday that it would provide emergency financial assistance to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which is suffering from a severe financial crisis due to the United States ' failure to fund it.

The Canadian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Ottawa will provide UNRWA with 50 million Canadian dollars (33 million euros) over two years.

"The bulk of this assistance will be devoted to meeting the basic needs in the areas of education, health and living for millions of Palestinian refugees, especially women and children," the statement said.

The other section, according to the statement, will provide "vital emergency assistance to more than 460 thousand Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon."

On the other hand, Canada has announced that it will provide $12 million in assistance to the "Wright to play international ", a non-governmental organization that will work in collaboration with UNRWA to create "safe, inclusive and gender-sensitive classrooms in addition to training teachers to integrate gameplay-centric methodologies". Focus on the child  ".

The agency provides millions of Palestinians with education, health care, relief, infrastructure, camp improvement, community support, micro-credit and emergency response, including in times of armed conflict.


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