One death and 4 new cases of corona among the Palestinian community around the world

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates reported one death, 4 new infections with Coronavirus and 2052 recoveries, today, Wednesday, among our communities around the world.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine and the Consulate General in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the registration of a new death in the ranks of the community with the Corona virus, for Suhail Awni Muhammad Al-Hartani (58 years), which raises the number of deaths to 86.

The task force responsible for following up on the conditions of the community in the United States reported that 4 injuries were recorded among the community in both Dallas and New Jersey, which brings the number of injuries to 3,672 injuries, while no new deaths were recorded for this day, so the number of deaths remains 76.

The task force concerned with following up the evacuation trips indicated that a new batch of beloved citizens and students in the homeland will leave for Frankfurt to join their studies and work, and a new batch of beloved students studying in Egyptian universities will leave for Cairo.

Also, the last batch of loved ones stranded in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates arrived, and a new batch of stranded people in the United States arrived, and Ambassador Ahmed Al Deek was saying goodbye to departing loved ones and receiving those coming.


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