Israeli incitement against human rights organizations filing cases with international crimes

Israeli bodies concerned with monitoring the affairs of non-governmental organizations carry out systematic incitement against Palestinian human rights institutions that are filing lawsuits against Israeli ministers and officers and others accused of committing war crimes against Palestinians before the International Criminal Court.

Today, Wednesday, the Hebrew newspaper, Israel Hayom, focused on that campaign, under the pretext that European countries, including the Swiss government, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries, are transferring large funds to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Al-Mezan Center, and other centers in favor of filing lawsuits against Israel.

According to the inciting Israeli allegations, in the contracts concluded with that government, those centers are required to communicate with the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, send documents, communicate with the court and present cases in international forums.

It claimed that the governments knowingly and knowingly fund petitions against Israel before the International Criminal Court.

The newspaper said, that the practical result of the generous European funding was a series of meetings held by members of Palestinian human rights organizations with the Prosecutor of the Court, Pato Bensouda, and other representatives of the court.


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