British Trade Union Confederation: The Israeli annexation step is rejected and establishes an apartheid system

The Congress of the General Federation of British Trade Unions, which has more than 12 million members, including members of the British and Irish Union of Journalists, declared its complete opposition to the Israeli government's declared intention to annex large areas of the West Bank.

A statement issued by its 66th conference said that the Israeli annexation move is illegal under international law and makes clear that there is no intention on the part of the Israeli government to end the occupation and recognize the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, and it will be another important step in establishing the apartheid regime.

He added, the international community has stood idly by for a very long time as the State of Israel was allowed to commit its crimes, and this is something that cannot be tolerated or accepted any longer. Decisive action is now urgently needed regarding Israel's unlawful actions against the Palestinians.

According to the statement, the "Congress" decided to provide full support and play an active role in the actions of the solidarity campaign with Palestine to build a broad coalition against the proposed Israeli annexation, and urged all associates to do the same, and to send a letter to the Prime Minister calling on the United Kingdom to take firm and decisive measures, including Sanctions, to ensure that Israel stops or abolishes illegal annexation, ends the occupation of the West Bank and the siege imposed on Gaza, respects the right of Palestinian refugees to return, and transfers the position of the conference to all other national trade union centers in international and European trade union federations and urges them to join the international campaign to stop the annexation. Ending apartheid.


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