South Africa reaffirms the firmness of its position on the Palestinian issue and continues to support and support it

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa, Nalidi Bandor, reiterated the firmness of her country's position on the Palestinian issue and continued to provide all forms of support and attribution for this just cause until the occupation ends and the Palestinian state is embodied with its capital, East Jerusalem.

This came in a phone call made by Minister Bandur, today, Friday, with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Riyad Al-Maliki.

Pandor said that the Palestinian people and leadership must ensure the strength, steadfastness and sincerity of South Africa's position in its support for the Palestinian cause, and its assertion that the Palestinian people are the only ones able to speak in their name and negotiate for themselves.

She stressed that any initiative that detracts from the Palestinian role and the recognition of the Palestinian right and Palestinian participation will not succeed, regardless of the ideas it is distinguished or attracted from participants, stressing that her country will not be with any initiative that is the state of Palestine outside it, or rejected by the state of Palestine.

For his part, Al-Maliki gave an explanation about the size of the challenges facing the Palestinian issue at these times, starting with the continuous Israeli occupation which is working to implement the policy of racial colonial replacement and replacement on the land of the State of Palestine, and the US sanctions imposed on the Palestinian people and leadership in order to subject it to accept the annexation plan as part of the implementation The plan of the deal of the century, through the financial crisis that was generated as a result of the occupation state withholding clearance funds to explode the economic situation in the land of the State of Palestine, and now some Arab countries are subject to the dictates of the Trump administration to employ them in their election campaign in order to ensure his re-election to the White House, and thus those countries accept to be a tool To serve Netanyahu in implementing the deal of the century, specifically what is related to the occupied city of Jerusalem and the holy places in it, and betraying the Arab position in its deviation from its obligations towards the Arab peace initiative and refraining from normalization with the occupying state until the latter's withdrawal from all Palestinian landsAnd occupied Arab.

Al-Maliki added: The return of the Corona pandemic and the large numbers of injured people, in addition to the numbers of deaths, all of this calls for friendly countries to make moves that would show support and support, and strongly and steadfastly inform the Palestinian people and their leadership of that support, and protect the inalienable rights of our people from any attempts. To hit it and get rid of it.

It was agreed, during the phone call, that the State of Palestine would participate in a side activity that South Africa would hold on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session, on adhering to the principles of equality and non-discrimination, and providing equal rights to the Palestinian people.

An agreement has also been made on a set of activities and initiatives that will start testing its capabilities in the coming days with the relevant authorities, which would contribute to stabilizing the centrality of the Palestinian cause, emphasizing its justice, and bringing together states and institutions around it to protect and support it in the face of all the challenges surrounding it.

Al-Maliki put Minister Bandur in the image of the great breakthrough that took place recently through the meeting of the general secretaries of the factions, and work to form a unified leadership in order to face the challenges of the occupation and prepare for the elections. Minister Bandur welcomed this achievement, congratulating President Mahmoud Abbas on completing this step towards completing the Palestinian-Palestinian reconciliation, and affirming her country's readiness to provide its services if needed.

The setback in the "Corona" pandemic situation in Palestine, as well as the large numbers of injured, was also discussed, as Minister Pandor indicated that her country provided support to the State of Palestine and was able to reduce the number of injured, and is ready to provide more support.

She emphasized that officials in her ministry would start their contacts in order to work on implementing everything that was agreed upon in this conversation, and to complete all that is required to accomplish it.

It was also agreed that contacts between the two ministers would continue to ensure that everything agreed upon was implemented.

Minister Al-Maliki thanked Minister Bandur for the initiative to communicate, and for his full commitment to support the Palestinian cause and preserve its gains.


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