Bethlehem: The occupation forces and settlers attack two civilians during a stand against the razing operations

This afternoon, the occupation soldiers and settler flocks attacked citizens who organized a protest stand against the razing of lands belonging to them, which belong to citizens from Janata and Al-Arouj village, east of Bethlehem, in preparation for their confiscation.

These lands are located near the entrance to the "Tekoa" settlement, which is built on citizens' lands, where the occupation forces intend to annex these lands to the aforementioned settlement. Dozens of citizens stood in the way of the bulldozing operations, while the occupation forces, with the participation of a number of settler flocks, suppressed and dispersed the citizens, as fist confrontations took place with settlers who were supported by the occupation forces.

In Al-Azza camp, north of Bethlehem, the occupation soldiers fired tear gas canisters at a group of youths who demonstrated near the Rachel Dome site, where the occupation soldiers are stationed, to reject normalization with the Israeli entity.

This afternoon, the occupation soldiers set up a military checkpoint at the entrance to Tuqu 'town, east of Bethlehem, and the soldiers stopped vehicles and restricted the movement of citizens. This checkpoint led to traffic jams.

Activists from the town said that the occupation soldiers intentionally and continuously set up the checkpoint with the aim of restricting the citizens and obstructing their movement in a vengeful and provocative manner.

An Israeli military force stormed the city of Bethlehem and reached the Mount Handaza area at dawn today, and they raided a number of houses, searched them and assaulted their owners, and arrested Jamil Eid Jawarish, 33, and took him to an unknown destination.


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