7 martyrs and scores injured on the Gaza Strip border

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Seven citizens were martyred east of the Bureij refugee camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, while scores of citizens were injured by live bullets and suffocation by suppressing the occupation of demonstrators who participated in the return marches.

 The Ministry of Health announced the martyrdom of 7 citizens and 252 injuries in the various return camps on the borders of the Gaza Strip, namely Ahmed Ibrahim Zaki al-Long from Nuseirat 27, martyr Mohamed Abdel Hafiz Yusuf Ismail al-Bureij 29, and martyr Afifi Mahmoud Atta Afifi (18 years old) Gaza, and martyr Abdallah Barham Suleiman Aldagh (25) The new Abasan, the martyr Tamer Iyad Mahmoud Abuarmaneh 22 in Rafah, and martyr Ahmed Ahmed Abdallah Abu Naim (17) Nuseirat, and martyr Mohamed Essam Mohamed Abbas, affected by wounds sustained in eastern Gaza.

Thousands of citizens in the return camps participated very effectively in the day's march, which was suppressed by the occupation by firing live bullets and tear gas canisters at peaceful demonstrators.

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