Gaza: 1 death, 94 injuries, and 53 new recoveries

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced, this morning, Wednesday, that it had recorded a death, and 94 new cases of Corona virus, during the past 24 hours.

The ministry indicated in its daily report that the death case was for Nasser Al-Bardini (51 years) at the European Gaza Hospital.

The ministry indicated that 53 new recoveries were recorded.

It indicated that the central laboratory conducted tests for 1,653 new samples.

The total number of injured people since last March has reached 2,100, of which 1728 are active cases.

The number of people recovered reached 356, while the deaths were 16 cases, including 15 cases from within the Gaza Strip, and one of the returnees.

The Ministry of Health said that the emergency operations room is following the developments of the epidemiological situation, and adopting new policies for the period of isolation of infected people and contacts.

And she called on everyone not to be lax or reckless in the prevention measures, calling for full adherence to health controls, wearing a muzzle, washing hands, physical distancing, and staying away from gatherings.


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