SAIC Automotive Company launches hydrogen-powered vehicles

SAIC Motor Co., Ltd., a major automobile manufacturer in China, announced on Sunday that it will launch at least 10 models of hydrogen-fueled cars by 2025.

Wang Xiaoqiu, president of the company, said that 10,000 fuel cell cars are expected to be produced and sold and a special team will be set up to monitor research and development and operate its fuel cell project.

He added that the company would deepen cooperation with companies at the beginning and end of the industrial chain, with the aim of jointly promoting the development of the industrial chain.

The company started its hydrogen fuel vehicle project in 2001 and has invested more than 3 billion yuan (about 439 million US dollars) in research and development, winning 511 patents in the field of fuel cells.

According to a plan drawn up by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Information in 2016, China will promote the implementation of 1 million hydrogen fuel cars and build more than 1,000 hydrogen filling stations by 2030.


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