Mandelblit: We will prosecute Netanyahu like any citizen on trial in criminal cases

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit confirmed, today, Monday that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, will remain as he is in his capacity, and that he is like any citizen of the "state" and like everyone else, we will work to try him like any Accused of criminal cases.

Mandelblit indicated in a speech during a ceremony for the Israeli Ministry of Justice, that he is still maintaining his legal position that he adopted before the court that Netanyahu can continue in his position despite the indictment presented against him, subject to the settlement of the conflict of interest arising from the ongoing criminal trial.

He stressed that he is working with the law enforcement agency to protect democracy despite all the campaigns that target them, noting that he is being exposed, along with others from the apparatus, to a campaign of insults and lies in an attempt to influence their decisions.

"If some people think like this, then they are seriously mistaken," he said.

He reiterated that what was published about the Public Prosecution closing some files, including the case of the martyr Yaqoub Abu Al-Qia'an, who was killed by the Israeli police in 2017, and its association with Netanyahu, were just lies, noting that he was never linked to Netanyahu.


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