Salfit: The occupation prevents Friday prayers on Hares lands, which are threatened with seizure

 The Israeli occupation forces prevented citizens from holding Friday prayers on the lands of Haris village in the Salfit governorate, which is threatened with being seized and is subject to repeated attacks by settlers.

The occupation soldiers tightened their military measures in the vicinity of the village and set up several flying checkpoints, after closing its main entrance with an iron gate.

The secretary of the Fatah movement in Salfit, Abd al-Sattar Awad, said that this event will continue in the village of Haris and the town of Bidya, with the participation of all PLO factions and the activities of the governorate, in order to reach the lands of citizens seized by the occupation in favor of settlement, indicating that settlers are taking advantage of the spread of the Corona virus. To continue their terror against our people, by protecting the occupation forces.

For his part, anti-settlement activist Nazmi Al-Salman said that the weekly participation in this event comes to affirm our right to our land, which we will never give up.

It is noteworthy that this event is being held for the sixteenth consecutive week, at the invitation of the PLO factions, the institutions of Salfit Governorate, the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, and the Popular Resistance Committees.


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