Gaza: Call to save the tourism sector from bankruptcy and destruction

The Palestinian Authority for Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism Services in the Gaza Strip, today, Wednesday, declared the tourism sector a "stricken sector."

In a statement, the authority called on the responsible authorities in Gaza, the West Bank and the international community to assume responsibility to save this stricken sector from bankruptcy and destruction, noting that very large damage and losses were caused to the sector due to the Corona crisis and the Israeli blockade.

She pointed out that the tourism sector losses amounted to 91 million dollars during the past six months.

The Palestinian Authority for Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism Services called for providing economic facilities for this sector, exempting it from taxes for a period of 3 years, and working on exempting tourist establishments from fees and arrears at the Land and Municipalities Authority.

It called for providing banking facilities represented in granting interest-free loans and an exemption period of no less than 3 years, resolving the problem of bounced checks, rescheduling them, and providing technical support in order to start preparing tourism facilities and working within the terms of health, safety and prevention.

And she stressed the need to find solutions for employees and workers in tourism services to ensure their rights, dignity and livelihood, through governmental and international programs and plans, and the financial funds that have been established to enhance resilience and confront the epidemic.


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