Prisoner Club: The number of prisoners infected with the Coronavirus in "Ofer" prison increased to 12

The Prisoner Club announced that the number of prisoners infected with Coronavirus in Section 14 of "Ofer" prison has increased to 12.

The club stated in a statement today evening, Tuesday, that 5 new cases of Corona virus were recorded among the prisoners, bringing the number to 12, after it was announced this morning that 7 of them were infected with the virus.

He indicated that, since the outbreak of the epidemic until today, (29) injuries were recorded among the prisoners, including two freed prisoners, whose injuries were discovered a day after their release.

The Prisoner Club considered that the continuation of the announcement of more injuries among the prisoners 'ranks is a serious warning, requiring us to make all necessary efforts, including international human rights institutions and the Red Cross, to intervene due to the presence of a neutral medical committee that supervises the prisoners' samples and their results, and learns about the reality of preventive measures in the departments in which they are detained Where the captives.

The prisoner club pointed out that the occupation prisons administration is trying to mislead public opinion and human rights institutions, by concealing the true outcome of the number of prisoners infected with the virus, especially since its narration about the epidemic is still confined to it until now.

The Prisoners Club held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the fate of the prisoners in the occupation prisons, especially the sick and elderly who face double danger with the continued spread of the epidemic, noting that the prison administration imposed double isolation on the prisoners, and used the epidemic as a tool of suppression and abuse.

It is noteworthy that the number of prisoners in the occupation prisons is 4,500 male and female prisoners.


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