Outraged in South Africa over a racist shampoo advertisement

Demonstrators gathered in front of several stores of a group of pharmacies in South Africa on Monday, after the company published an advertisement for shampoo that its critics described as racist.

The advertisement featured two black women describing their hair as "dry and damaged" as well as "curly and dull", in addition to two white women whose locks were described as "good and smooth" and also "natural," according to local media.

While the group "Clicks" issued an apology, the radical opposition "Economic Freedom Fighters" party called for the protests, saying on its Twitter account: "We will not allow the unfortunate and perverted racism by Alex to continue in South Africa. #Clicksmustfall."

The local "Times Life" website stated that one of the stores had been attacked with fire bombs early in the morning, yet there was only minor damage.

Footage on the party's social media pages showed small groups of protesters - wearing red party hats - dancing and chanting protest songs in several shopping malls.


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