Israeli Health: The number of deaths due to Corona has exceeded a thousand

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced today, Sunday, that the total deaths related to the Coronavirus have exceeded a thousand cases.

The ministry said, in its latest data this morning, that 1010 people had died in total due to the Corona virus.

The daily infection with the Coronavirus in the occupying country reached its highest level ever last week, with more than three thousand cases recorded within 24 hours last Wednesday. Today, the Ministry of Health announced that about 1,500 new infections were recorded yesterday.

The occupying power recorded a total of 129,349 confirmed cases of Corona, of which 102,107 recovered.

Among the active cases, there are nearly 445 severe cases, 119 of which are on artificial respirators.

The authorities have drawn up a plan, which will be implemented this week, based on the classification of cities into "green", "yellow" and "red", with the possibility of imposing a closure in the "red areas" that represent the most recorded injuries.

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