The two brothers, Gideon, are in serious health at Afula Hospital

The lawyer for the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority stated, Saturday evening, that the prisoners Ahmed and Muhammad Gideon (22 and 27 years) from Jenin camp are in the intensive care unit of Afula Hospital, with a serious and worrying health condition.

After her visit in the hospital, the lawyer stated that the wounded Muhammad Gideon lost consciousness after losing a large amount of blood due to a very severe and serious injury to the left foot, as he underwent surgery to remove some shrapnel, and another operation will be performed on him on Sunday.

He explained that his wounded brother Ahmed was transferred to the intensive care unit in the afternoon while under the influence of anesthesia, due to his severe injury to the face and neck, which was classified as between stable and difficult, as he underwent two surgeries yesterday afternoon, and other operations will be performed for him during the coming days in the neck area.

On Saturday morning, the Israeli occupation forces blew up the door of the Gideon family's house in Jenin camp, using an explosive device, wounding them with shrapnel, then they were arrested and taken to an unknown destination.


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