13 Palestinian prisoners were killed since 2018

Abdel Nasser Farwana, head of the Studies and Documentation Unit at the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, announced that 13 Palestinian prisoners have been martyred in the Israeli occupation prisons since 2018.

Farwana said on Saturday that 3 of them have been killed since the beginning of this year, and they are: Nour al-Din Jaber al-Barghouti, Saadi al-Gharabli, and Daoud al-Khatib.

He added that all these prisoners were martyred due to medical negligence, poor health conditions, and continued Israeli recklessness.

Farwana explained that all the data and facts confirm the deterioration of health conditions in the prisons of the occupation, the poor medical care and the continuing deliberate medical neglect during the time of Corona and before the spread of the virus.

He indicated that the most dangerous situation is the unprecedented Israeli disregard for the prisoners' lives and health conditions. This poses a real danger to their lives.

And he warned that this dangerous situation calls for Palestinian action at all levels, "away from traditional responses, cloned data, and the vocabulary of holding the occupation responsible."

He said: "We have to think seriously about how the occupation hurts and resorting to influential and legitimate tools that hurt them, just as the martyrdom of the prisoner Dawood Al-Khatib and hundreds of prisoners before him hurt us."

Al-Khatib (45 years) was killed in the Israeli prison of "Ofer" last Wednesday, as he was a prisoner from the city of Bethlehem in the south of the occupied West Bank.

According to the Asir Club, Al-Khatib suffered a heart attack. He is sentenced to 18 years in prison, and his sentence remains for several months.


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