The Prisoners Association: The extreme heat turns the prisons, especially the Sahara, into hell

The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority said that the blazing heat and high humidity have turned the lives of prisoners in the various prisons of the occupation into hell.

The authority stated that with the arrival of the severe heat wave sweeping the country for more than a week, this has led to the doubling of the prisoners' suffering dozens of times due to heat, humidity and lack of ventilation, especially in desert and coastal prisons, such as the Negev, Nafha, Ashkelon, Damon, Gilboa and others.

She added: In many prisons, the prison administration does not allow prisoners to buy hobbies, and deliberately cuts off water from them and denies them cold water in solitary confinement sections and cramped cells, so that the conditions of detention become hellish.

She indicated that this coincides with the spread of insects and rodents in many detention centers and detention centers that are dirty and unclean, such as Huwara, Asion, and Jalma, and the spread of unpleasant odors inside them.


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