Mercedes is considering introducing an electric version of its Maybach luxury car

The German luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, is seeking to expand its electric cars to the ultra-luxury category Maybach in order to strengthen its presence in the market of more advanced and more luxurious cars, as electric cars in this category are still rare. .

And Bloomberg News quoted Ulla Kalinus, CEO of the German company, as saying that Mercedes, a subsidiary of the German Daimler Group, could use the brand of ultra-luxury cars to offer an electric car in this category of the market during the current year.

"There is an opportunity to achieve a lot with the Maybach brand," Kalinos said. "The electric platform offers some opportunities to" tap into this distinctive brand ".

A key component of Calinus 'strategy to improve Mercedes' profitability is the focus on larger luxury cars in the shift towards electric cars. Bigger cars make more money, which is vital to fund big plans to develop new technology, expand programming operations, and pay the restructuring bill.

In an indication of the effectiveness of the measures that the German company began to implement last year, the company's investment spending will decline during the current year, despite the costs of introducing new cars equipped with electric motor technology, such as the new version of the S-Class, according to Calinos.

Although the demand for Mercedes cars has remained strong in recent years, and the brand surpasses its competitors such as BMW and Audi, the poor performance of the company affects the return on investment, as companies that depend on selling large numbers of cars such as Toyota Motor Japan achieve France's PSA Group, which produces Peugeot and Citroen cars, makes better profits.


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