Al-Qudra: Two cases were in a critical condition among those infected with the Corona virus in Gaza

 Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Wednesday, that all injuries in the “Epidemiology” Hospital (European Gaza Hospital) are minor, and there are two cases described as critical and 20 cases between moderate to severe.

In statements distributed by the ministry, Al-Qudra explained that during the past 24 hours, 1281 laboratory samples were conducted, through which 83 new infections were announced, including 79 injuries within the community and 4 from quarantine centers.

He indicated that the total number of injuries since last March, until the moment, had 483 injuries, of which 76 recovered, in addition to 5 deaths, indicating that there are 402 active cases in isolation centers, of which 365 are within the community and 37 are among the returnees.


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