How did the U.S. Army use viagra in the Afghanistan war?

Washington _ Agencies

Everyone heard about the sexual uses of viagra, did you hear about his military uses?

According to former military accounts, the U.S. military used the "magical property", which helps men's erection, as an effective weapon for the "making friends" of afghans, during the U.S. invasion of the Taliban stronghold that began in 2001.

"the Washington post" quoted a military participant in the invasion of afghanistan, how he obtained full information about the Taliban in return for a few tablets from the "blue pill."

The lucky man who received Viagra pills was an Afghan tribal leader in his 60s, and a husband of four women, who was given a tape by a CIA officer carrying 4 grains of viagra, for "gift ".

The officer told Him:  "take one of this tape. you'll love it.

The officer says that the "non-free" gift had the effect of witchcraft, as the sheikh took him after four days and showed signs of youth.

Without asking the officer, the Sheikh poured a barrage of information about the Taliban's secrets and how to reach their headquarters and leadership, and in return asked for more Viagra tablets.

This incident refers to modern and innovative ways for the U.S. Army to obtain the information it wants in the country it intervenes in militarily, rather than the traditional method of buying spies with Money.

Besides Viagra tablets, the list of non-traditional gifts prepared by U.S. intelligence agencies is used to harness local customers, including craft tools, medicines, surgeries, Children's toys, School tools, and even travel visas.

A former CIA official working in Afghanistan says: "friends can be created by influencers, by building a school or giving them sildenafil."

With their long experience in afghanistan, U.S. military officials believe that a "who pays more" can buy tribal people, some of whom have worked for the U.S. military and others with the Taliban.


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