Arrests and incursions into the West Bank

Last night and early Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 citizens from different parts of the West Bank.
According to local sources, the occupation army arrested Sameh Obeid and Samir Emar from the suburb of Shweka, north of Tulkarem.
The two young men, Jihad Azzam Gharabiya and Abdullah Khaled Abu Zeid, from Qabatiya, were also arrested while passing near the settlement of Dotan.
Special forces from the Israeli army arrested former prisoner Yasser Walid Khazaimiyah from the town of Qabatiya in Jenin.
From Ramallah, Ibrahim Nabil Nakhla was arrested from The Jalazone camp in the north.
The israeli occupation forces arrested Mahmoud Shakarneh, 17, from nahalin town west of Bethlehem, and handed Hamdan Fann a communication to review its intelligence services.
From Hebron, She arrested Seif eddine Jabari.
The occupation arrested mohammed Atiq, a young man from Jerusalem's Old City, as well as Mu'tasim Hamza Obeid from the town of Issawiya.
On the other hand, the Israeli army stormed al-Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron and distributed leaflets threatening the camp's residents with large-scale arrests, as well as the house of the prisoner of the leader Bages Nakhla from The Jalazone camp, where he was corrupted.

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