Miladinov warns of the rapid deterioration of the situation in Gaza

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nikolai Miladinov, warned of the deterioration of the situation in the Gaza Strip, noting that "tightening the closure makes life in the Gaza Strip unbearable."

He said, "At a time when the situation in Gaza is deteriorating, there is a rapid increase in cases of Coronavirus among the population, in light of a dilapidated health system, lack of electricity, increasing unemployment, continuous military activity and closures."

Miladinov expressed his concern that the escalation was imminent, calling on the resistance in Gaza to stop firing incendiary missiles and balloons, stressing that Israel must return the UN fuel shipments for electricity.

He stressed that under the current circumstances, no mediation efforts can succeed in preventing escalation and improving the situation.


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