Dozens of settlers organize a provocative march east of Bethlehem

On Friday morning, dozens of settlers marched to the east of Bethlehem.
Anti-settlement and occupation activists said that they had set off from the settlements of "Ma'ale Amos" and "Abi Nahal", which were located on the land of the village of Kisan towards the settlement of "Takwa", which is located on the land of the nearby village of Taqwa, with the aim of provoking the citizens.
According to local media, settlers, guarded by the occupying forces, entered the territory of the citizens, blocking their roads at least 5 kilometres away, and soldiers blocked streets and roads in front of Palestinian citizens and their vehicles to secure the settlers, who were also armed.
A number of citizens explained that these settlers occasionally organize such marches, always chanting slogans and chants against Palestinian citizens and calling for their departure, and if they encounter any citizen on their way, they are attacked, under the protection of the Israeli occupation army and encouraged them to such attacks.

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