Health in Gaza: 40 corona cases within the community

 The Health Ministry in Gaza said Thursday evening that 77 cases of mers-coV infection were infected, including 40 from within the community and 37 cases of returnees.

In its daily report on the Coronavirus, Gaza Health said the number of deaths had reached three, including two from within the community and one from the returnees.

It showed that 905 new samples were performed in the past 24 hours, with 25 new infections recorded from within the community, with a total number of samples examined for suspected cases of 19,178, including 19,026 negative samples and 125 positive samples.

Gaza Health noted that the number of inmates in private quarantine centers reached 2,203 cases that did not show symptoms of the disease and the numbers of returnees were distributed through rafah and Beit Hanoun crossings as follows.

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