The Prisoners´ Association: The occupation army abused two brothers from Hebron and arrested one of them

The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority reported that the Israeli occupation army abused the young man, Iyad Mahmoud Abu Hashhash, from Al-Fawwar camp in Hebron, during his arrest from his home at dawn today, Thursday, and took him to an unknown destination.

The authority stated in a statement that the young man was brutally assaulted and beaten with rifle butts, which led to his severe wounds in the face, a broken foot, and then lost consciousness.

She added that the detainee’s brother, Yaqoub, was also violently abused and beaten, while he was currently lying in a hospital in Hebron.

According to the two youths' family, an occupation army force raided the family's home, turned it upside down, and then seized an amount of money and three pieces of gold.


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